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12of12 | June

01) All year Adam has woken up early to read and then make breakfast for the family. Lately, he has been perfecting the biscuit. We had bacon and fruit as well. Love that he does this. 02) Since we opened the pool in May Lola Puppy has been sitting poolside. We find it very endearing and have called her Cabana Puppy ever since. We are [...]

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12of12 | May

01) Doing Week In The Life this week I've been trying to be a bit more creative when it comes to capturing my early mornings. Today I choose the view out my window. Love how much lighter it is now at 5:30am. 02) Wishing Bella luck on her AP World History exam today. I know she'll do great because she's prepared, but in her own [...]

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12of12 | April

01) Adam leaving early for a few days in Ohio. 02) Adam challenged me to make our bed every morning all year long -- I have only missed one day and it was when I was sick so it doesn't really count. 03) I do laundry Mondays and if my girls don't get their clothes in the bins it's up to them so they usually [...]

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12of12 | March

01) Heading to bagel day with Bella at the wheel. With only 11 days left we are giving her every opportunity to drive. 02) Tess and Macy making homemade waffles. They did not join us for breakfast. 03) Since the weather has been so nice puppy has been spending most of her days outside on the patio. I think she loves being out there and [...]

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12of12 | February

01) Today the girls were out of school so we all slept in. YES! 02)Adam has been coming home after the gym to make breakfast. This is a change from the years he left the house at 6am and didn't come back. It has been nice to see him in the mornings and often eat breakfast together. 03) A layer of ice was covering everything [...]

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  • 16Jan13_12of121

12of12 | January

01) This use to be a regular thing for us, me doing Megan's hair, but lately she has wanted her hair down. She's always mixing it up. Love that about her. 02) Some days the Puppy ignores me and pays me no attention at all. Other days she follows me around sleeping next to me where ever I land. It's kind of charming when she [...]

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another year of 12of12

I love putting this post together, taking a walk down memory lane and revisiting all the "twelves" from 2015. All of them together tells a complete story of our year or just about. Don't you think? For those of you who don't know what the 12of12 project is go here and get more information. It was a project I started out of my love for [...]

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2016 word

I know it's Christmas Eve but I've had two things on my mind this last week. 1) December daily. I'm definitely doing it. I know Christmas is all but done with, but I've got stories from this holiday season that need to be told. I'm not going to do it day by day, but rather story by story. I can't wait to get started. 2) [...]

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Gratitude Journal 2016

Hello. I hope you are all having the most wondering Christmas season. For me, it has been full of joys and a few setbacks, but for the most part, I have been extra grateful for this time to reflect on what is most important, giving to others, and my Savior. Speaking of gratitude -- I wanted to let you know my 2016 Gratitude Journal is [...]

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12of12 | December

01) I was up at 430am this morning. Not a good place to be on a Saturday morning when all I want to do is sleep in, but I made the most of it by spending time out by the tree, one of my favorite things, and then tidying up my studio while listening to season 2 of Serial. Anyone else listening? 02) Bella driving [...]

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