I’d been scrapbooking for years, and when I say years I mean since the time I was a little girl. I always loved hearing stories about my past and who I was. I suppose it helped me to see how I was changing and where I was heading. The older I got and the more roles I took on (e.g. mother, wife) scrapbooking became my creative outlet, the thing I did while the girls took naps and the place I would hide away in the middle of the night when insomnia set in.

In 2005, I suppose the same time I started blogging, I had this need and desire to capture life more beautifully. With the little bit of money my mother gave me from my grandma’s inheritance I bought my first DLSR, a canon rebel. Oh happy day! I can’t begin to tell you the joy with using such a fine machine for the first time (little did I know). These are some of my very first photos — I was so proud of them. I still am.

That was the beginning for my love of photography. In those first few years I walked around with my camera in hand taking pictures of whatever I could, determined to understand this craft and master it.  Along the way I remember this little voice in my head that told me I could never be a photographer unless someone was willing to pay me to take pictures and so I got into business. Almost as quickly as I started I realized taking pictures for others was not my passion, and that it took me away from what I really loved doing, capturing my life.

And that’s when it all began for me. In 2007 I completely shifted gears away from portraits to everyday photography. As the years rolled on and I watched my girls grow that desire to hold onto the present strengthened. I wanted to capture what I saw — life in it’s raw from — the dirty, the messy, the happy, the sad so in 20 years from now I can go back and revisit those moments.

And so I did.

I guess you could say that’s when the world of photography exploded for me and I started seeing life differently. What I came to realize is the more I looked and saw life through my viewfinder, the more I saw things to be grateful for. Seeking out the details has really help me to see just how beautiful life can be and I know it can do the same for you.