I’m first and foremost a wife and mother. These are the two roles in my life I cherish above anything else. While doing the laundry and cleaning the house can get mundane at times, I am grateful for the opportunity I have to be able to take care of my three daughters and husband. They are everything and have been my source of inspiration for documenting my everyday life.

I’m a Mormon. Along with my family, being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is everything in my life. It’s who I am. It’s what I do. My relationship with God and living my life in accordance with His will is what gets me out of bed in the morning when skies are grey, propels me to do good, and keeps this earth life in perspective. Go here to learn more about my faith.

I’m a learner. I love to learn. I can’t stress that enough. I feel like I’m one of those individuals that’s a jack of all trades. I can do a lot of thing, but I don’t excel at any one thing — except for maybe photography. I’ve taught myself to knit, crochet, scrapbook, quilt, make journals, photography, make jewelry, web design. I’ve taught myself how to use Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, Illustrator, making videos with Premiere Pro and iMovie. Let’s put it this way, if I see something I like I’m convinced I can do it so I do.

I’m a photographer. Capturing my everyday is my creative passion. Photography has helped me to start seeing life differently and the more I look, the more I see things to be grateful for. Seeking out the details of life shows me just how beautiful life can be and I know it can do the same for you. Go here to read how it all began.

I’m an aspiring videographer. It’s a natural progression I guess you could say to move from photography to videos. The desire to learn this craft came from my need to push myself creatively and mix up my documentary style. I have loved the way it has change my mind from looking at life in terms of still shots to seeing life move. Go here to see some of my films.

I love traveling. It has quickly become something I crave. I know it’s something I really want, but at times if feels like a need to step away from the demands of my regular routine and see something new, something unexpected. I especially love how every time I come home from a trip I take a little piece of the country and/or the individuals I meet with me.

I love time travel. I love it for all its obvious plot twists, it really does enhance a good story don’t you think? But deep down I wish time travel was possible so I could travel back in time to visit my ancestors. I want to understand what life was like for them. I want to know them when they were my age and learn firsthand how our lives compare and contrast. I crave their wisdom, which is why I am getting into genealogy so that I can get a bit of that time travel even when it’s not possible.

I have a love hate relationship with sugar. I really want to rid my life of it, say no to it, walk away from it, but life just isn’t life without a little sweetness.

I am so happy to have you here at my little home online. Thank you for stopping by. xo